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Kagan, Elena Kagan/2

Mentre Repubblica titola un (buon) pezzo di Zucconi come se Obama avesse nominato alla Corte Suprema Oliviero Diliberto, il primo editoriale del New York Times è durissimo con Elena Kagan, per le stesse ragioni per cui Camillo ne è entusiasta:

«She has stated that there is no federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage”. Her positions on other current issues are either unclear — or possibly to the right of Justice Stevens.
In a 2001 Harvard Law Review article, Ms. Kagan defended a robust assertion of presidential power unless specifically limited by Congress — albeit in the service of “progressive goals” on the domestic front. She told the Senate last year that she agreed the government has the right to indefinitely detain enemy combatants captured around the world. As Mr. Obama’s solicitor general, she has supported his administration’s positions, little changed since the Bush administration, on the use of military force against Al Qaeda, the habeas corpus rights of military detainees and the state secrets privilege.
(In 2005, however, she did oppose a Republican attempt to remove judicial review from the cases of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.)»



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