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Cose che non resteranno


A huge leak of U.S. reports and this is all they get? I know of more stuff leaked at one good dinner on background.
(Tom Ricks, Foreign Policy)
(Esilarante post di abu muqawama, blog dell’obamiano Center for a New American Security – Il punto numero 3, D’Angelo Barksdale, è una citazione di The Wire)
What do we really learn from the Wikileaks monster-doc-dump? I think the actual answer is: not much that we didn’t already know.
(Andrew Sullivan)
The first headlines to have come streaming from the mess of it tell us little that we did not know already.
(The Economist)
But in truth, there’s not much there
(Mother Jones)
There’s no broad new revelations in this
(Robert Gibbs, portavoce di Obama)



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