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Fassino, neocon

L’unica notizia che ho trovato finora nei file di Wikileaks è questa: sull’Iran Piero Fassino suggeriva agli americani di seguire la freedom agenda, cioè la dottrina Bush. Non ci credete?
«As for Iran, the PD supports pursuing a negotiated solution, but Fassino questioned whether the current leadership is in a position to negotiate credibly. He suggested it could be useful to change the order of priorities in Iran; that is, be more flexible on the nuclear issue, but harder on human rights.  According to Fassino, the greatest risk with nuclear proliferation is that irresponsible governments like the one in Iran could gain access to nuclear arms, adding that the PD assessed that there was little to fear with nations such as India, Britain,
and France having nuclear weapons
. He asked whether a democratic government in Iran might not have a different position on the nuclear program».



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