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Il grande Leon Wieseltier, leggendario editor letterario di New Republic e icona liberal, scrive una cosa molto giusta sull’Obama realista e colto di sorpresa dalle rivolte anti-autoritarie in Africa e Medio Oriente. Obama, come penso da tempo, politicamente (ma anche personalmente) è cresciuto con l’idea che la proiezione del potere americano nel mondo, detta anche "imperialismo", sia un male cronico degli Stati Uniti. Non è solo realista, insomma. Ma ha sempre pensato che l’esercizio del potere americano fosse da condannare:
«The Arab uprisings have been heuristically useful: they have exposed a lack of intellectual preparation, a lack of historical imagination, a lack of moral aspiration, here at home. I count the president among the Americans who are sunk in stereotypes and dogmas, even if the good people at the White House want you to know that he is somehow a hero of this springtime. By now—after Tehran, Tunis, Cairo, and Tripoli—a presidential pattern has been established. Obama’s reluctance to lead, and to establish the United States ringingly and incontrovertibly as the ally of the freedom movements, is owed to many things, but most of all, I think, it is the result of certain conventional assumptions about the historical agency of the United States in the developing world. In almost his every pronouncement about the valiant accomplishments of the liberalizing crowds in “the Arab street” (now an honorific!), Obama keeps insisting that we had nothing to do with this, that they did all this on their own, that Arab democracy must not be the work of the United States or any foreign power. He dreads the imputation of our influence. All his assurances of a new world notwithstanding, he is haunted by the ghost of imperialism».



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