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Il narcisismo delle piccole differenze

L’articolo su Obama di David Rieff, intellettuale di sinistra e figlio di Susan Sontag, è titolato da New Republic «Just like Bush», a ribadire da sinistra il concetto che qui avete letto molto tempo fa.

«In a sense, what some are hailing as the Obama Doctrine on so-called humanitarian intervention seems like nothing so much as fusion of the liberal interventionism of the 1990s, during the period that stretched from Bosnia through Kosovo to Sierra Leone, and the neoconservative interventionism of the Bush era. Indeed, despite what liberal interventionist supporters of President Obama and of the Libyan war have claimed, there was little in the president’s speech that, stripped of some of its religious cloaking, could not have come out of the mouth of George W. Bush, above all the Bush of the “democracy exporting/wars fought in the name of values” Second Inaugural in 2005. Liberal interventionists indignantly deny this of course, claiming that they believe in multilateralism whereas neoconservatives do not, and that they believe in soft power, or, in Secretary of State Clinton’s formulation, smart power, whereas neoconservatives are fixated on hard power».

Ma, continua Rieff, sintetizzando quanto il titolare ha scritto in un libro di cinque anni fa:

«Both sides think it is America’s duty to reshape the world into a more democratic place. And no matter which side’s narrative is in the ascendant, the results somehow always turn out to be war».



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