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Il mitico «bye-bye Condi» su Wikileaks

Ecco come l’ambasciatore Spogli racconta a Condi la famosa intervista di D’Alema a Gianni Riotta del Corriere della Sera:
«D’Alema told interviewers that a Sicilian fisherman overheard him say "bye-bye Condi" (when he was concluding a call on his yacht ‘Ikarus’), and exclaimed, "Your Honor, you weren’t really talking with Rice?  I don’t believe it!"»

E poi, stupendo, ecco come l’ambasciatore americano definisce D’Alema:

«Prickly.  Ex-Communist. (…) Sometimes overconfident.  Coalition disciplinarian.  Someone Berlusconi says he can deal with. (…) Not afraid to use force.  Backed Balkans bombing when PM.  Driving force on current Lebanon mission. Political strongman in Italy’s ruling center-left coalition».



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