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Quando Prodi implorava di essere ricevuto da Bush

E Bush, ovviamente, non lo ricevette anche perché il governo Prodi è caduto prima.
Da Wikileaks:
«Prodi expressed disappointment that the U.S. government had not recognized the amount of political capital and effort he had spent on Afghan mission refinancing and approval of the U.S. Army’s Dal Molin base expansion in Vincenza.Prodi hinted that a White House invitation would
be a welcome reward
«9. (C/NF) Comment. Both Prodi and FM D’Alema have shown themselves willing and sometimes eager to use foreign policy statements (and sometimes policy decisions) for domestic politic gain, thus creating unhelpful and unnecessary friction with us.  Prodi clearly recognizes that his relationship with Washington is not all it could be and would like a White House invitation to put bilateral relations on
firmer ground



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