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Il senso del Post, inteso Washington Post, per Gingrich

Sul Washington Post di oggi, quattro column su cinque sono mooolto critici di Newt Gingrich. Due da sinistra, due da destra. Tra quelli di sinistra, Eugene Robinson ha scritto: "Amid all the excitement, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that America has known Gingrich for three decades — and really doesn’t like him". Richard Cohen, invece, durissimo: "This Gingrich is a Rorschach test: If you don’t think he’s nuts, you are". George Will, da destra, "With Gingrich defining the GOP brand, the Republicans’ dream … might become three strikes and they are out". Michael Gerson, infine, "[Newt's] misses are frequent, revealing a pattern of poor judgment. And eccentricities in a candidate become troubling when considered in a president."



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